About Us

Our Story

For over one hundred seventy years the Franciscan Friars of the Province of St. John the Baptist have served those living in poverty and homelessness. The Friars, along with their partners, are working to bring hope, healing, and restoration to those in need throughout community.


Established in 2017, The Saint Anthony Center provides a warm, safe, environment where our community’s most vulnerable can find refuge and restoration right in the heart of Over-the-Rhine.
This center is a welcoming place where multiple not-for-profit organization work together to serve all the basic needs of the impoverished and the homeless in one location.


Each partner meets a different physical and emotional need for those we serve:
St. Francis Seraph Ministries restores strength through nurturing and nourishing through the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Dining Room, a bagged lunch program and cooking for the family classes. The Sarah Center restores independence and self-esteem by empowering women through life and skills training.


Center for Respite Care restores health and healing through medical recovery and a care facility for the homeless.


Franciscan Ministries’ Haircuts from the Heart restores confidence and self-image by providing haircuts for the impoverished and homeless.


Mary Magdalen House restores dignity and hygiene by providing a place to shower, laundry service, charge and use phones and receive messages and mail.


Foot Care for the Souls a team of medical volunteers provides foot care for the homeless and working poor – includes foot baths and foot massages.


The Saint Anthony Center is a place of refuge and restoration, security, and peace of mind.
We believe the St. Anthony Center pioneers a new model of collaboration–Our goal is to bring transformational change and holistic healing to those we serve.